I’ll Count the Stars

9 Jun

Last night I had a dream I was walking with my three kids down a path that led to the water. There were mountains across a large lake and the sun was about to set. They sat peacefully next to me on the shore of the lake, uncharacteristically quiet and still. The sky was streaked with beautiful oranges, pinks, reds, yellows all fading into on another like spilled paint.

My kids pointed, their eyes wide and mouthes agap in pure awe of the sight. Time sped up as it can in dreams (and real life) and before we knew it the colored faded to a deep dark blue on the edge of black. The most magnificant stars shone bright as if a switch was turned on. We pointed and gasped, as shooting stars lit up the sky and God gave us the most amazing show.

I woke up, and an utter and complete peace washed over me.

Parenting, by far, is the most difficult thing I have ever done. I somehow gave birth to three fierely independent, strong-willed, stubborn, passionate warriors and many days I ask “how do I do this?”

I often don’t feel equipped.
I often lose my patience.
I often want to be left alone, to just have moment to myself, to have some peace.

But just like with Abraham, God promised our inheritance would be as bright and numerous as the stars.

That doesn’t mean too many kids to handle (thank God!) but whether there is 1 or 12, There is grace to raise them.

There is provison for them.
There is wisdom and understanding and patience and peace the Holy Spirit will give in the midst of the wilderness, in the most difficult parenting battles.

His promises are as sure as the stars in the sky.

I worry about the “hows” of life. The logistics of all the unknowns God is calling our family to.

And there is Jesus, leading us to the shore, saying,

“Sit awhile and watch. Be at peace and see. See the wonder of my creation.

See the amazing thing I will do in your life and your children as you surrender each day to me.
See how my promises come to pass, the deep desires of your heart are fullfilled as you walk every moment with me.

See how I tailor-made each of your children for this life.
See how they prosper and thrive in me.
See how even the yoke of raising humans in easy and light in me.
See how your children will shine like bright stars in a dark universe.
See the miracles I do.
See the wonder and awe.

See me
In the sunset,
The shooting stars,
The majestic mountains,
The magic in the eyes of your children,
In this adventure of life.”

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