What the Water Does for My Words

A collection of poetry by Brooke Gale Louvier. 

There is beauty and wonder all around us. We just have to be patient and brave enough to stop and see it. This is why I write poetry. I need to take a break from the chaos in my head and be reminded that everything is a miracle. When I feel anxious and fearful and forget what matters, nature reminds me how vast and tiny, complicated and simple the world really is. I can be in the moment and stop fantasizing of greener grass. Once I surrender to the unscripted symphony around me, I begin to see the endless beauty within me. Then the words come.

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If you ever felt lost while traveling through the land of god, this is your story.


If you want to read a book that is heart warming, introspective, thought provoking and about finding hope in a hopeless world, you should read this. -Amazon Review

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All Things Are Becoming New 
is a collection of poems reflecting my journey out of the bondage of religion and into the grace of God.

Read some examples of my poetry.


Despite the hate in the world, all the brokenness and instability that seeks to diffuse our passion for living, There is a song of hope. It resounds in villages and metropolises, In slums and cathedrals. The Bible talks about all creation groaning for redemption, for newness. If you open your heart and listen carefully, You can hear it wherever you go, Whoever you are with. It’s the sound of all things becoming new.

Interested in grace and redemption and the loveliness of God’s wild and wonderful kingdom? Even remotely?
You will like these poems. No, love these poems. So buy the book. I did and I am glad! -Amazon Review

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