The Hive Mind is Sick

30 Apr

Sometimes I worry about the speed of the world and I wonder if everything will just get faster and faster until it all explodes and we will know it’s the end.

I think about the movies where people are strapped to a chair and brainwashed through all these thousands of images bombarding their eyes and filling their brains and I wonder if that’s exactly what we are doing to ourselves.

We’re literally re-wiring our psyche and no one will really know the extent of the damage until it is too late.

Everyone: depressed, anxious, unhinged because our bodies were not created for this much NOISE. I fear the technology created to connect people has done more to bring disunity, to create this unhealthy hive mind that brings out the worst of humanity.

And it’s sick.

In a world suffering from a lack of identity, now we have the tech we created literally running away with itself and already we can’t tell what is true and what is computer generated.

What is truth?

Maybe we need another knocking down of the Tower of Babel, a disconnect from the Matrix. I don’t know. I know I’m a hypocrite because I’m typing on this tiny computer that can look up anything yet I know it doesn’t fill that void inside a human heart.

Where do we go when we have all the knowledge in the world but no wisdom?

When what we’ve created does nothing but destroy the very thing we worked so hard to protect?

The hive mind is sick.

But, Jesus.

But we don’t lose heart, because we know in this age of mass deception, Truth lives in us.

We know that while the spirit of the world is cunning, the Spirit of discernment will show us exactly what is real and what is not.

We will not be deceived.

Our minds will be free, and we will know Who we are.

And we get to tell others…
GOOD news.



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