Bad Friday

23 Aug

(Sometimes, you just need a little sarcasm to illuminate the misconceptions and be free.)

Let me drag you down from the cross
I am strong enough, i have built my strength
Let me dip this sponge in some old wine
and try to quench your thirst
I watched you give everything for me
and I flat out said I didn’t know you
So please, just let me make it up for you

I want to give you back the 30 shekels that was wasted
I will get revenge for you, don’t worry
you will receive the reward of your suffering

You must need me
You must want me
to put on a red cape and try to fly
You must expect so much of me
After all, you died

Your kids are dying and no ones rescuing
Your teens are sinning and no ones stopping
the filth is everywhere
I can smell it and it makes me sick
But I am yours
I am not like them
I better get up and work while there is still time

You must need me
You must want me
to pull out my light saber and fight
You must demand everything of me
After all, you died

We are running out of time
It’s their will be done,
on earth, as it is in hell

Wait, what’s that ripping sound?
Does anyone have a sewing kit?
I can fix the curtain in your house,
I can fix the world, I am sure of it

It’s burning and all’s I can see is the fire
So let me train and prepare for war
I thought you said you were enlisting me
Isn’t that what you whispered, before you took your last breath?
Or did I misinterpret?


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