Resonate Arts & Media

22 Sep

Here is a video about the different projects we have been working on as a team here at YWAM. I haven’t been involved in all of these, but it’s just a glimpse of some of the stuff we do here.

The new discipleship training school has started to arrive, I can feel the excitement in the air. It’s so amazing to know that people’s lives are about to be changed.

Friday we are hosting a concert here, it’s gonna be fun. I hope all you guys in the area will come.

One Response to “Resonate Arts & Media”

  1. george elerick November 8, 2009 at 3:51 pm #

    Hi Brooke!

    You stopped by my blog and asked a question about Jude and its relationship to Satan as a myth…here is what I have come up with, hope it is helpful: Thanks for the question. Jude is quoting some extra-biblical source called the Assumption of Moses. You can get a copy of it over at Amazon. In light of the word Satan meaning adversary or roadblock…I would venture to say that Jude is trying to make the point that even divine beings who work directly with God don’t have the authority to judge “conflict” and its value . That being an angel has its limitations. That they aren’t fully aware of why what goes on truly goes on. Prophets were the messenger of God and were thought of as people who had a direct link with God, and so a false prophet is one who acts like they have a direct link with the Divine but in the end doesn’t. I hope that makes sense!

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