So, You Think You Can't Dance?

1 Oct

I will not
must not
return to holding those prison bars
Instead I will continue to hold your hand
as you teach me the moves to this dance of abundant life
and for a moment i forget my clumsy feet
I forget the imaginary crowd of judging eyes
I forget there ever was such a thing called insecurity
and I move as you move
awkwardly letting you sway me
I can’t let go or I will stumble

we are moving so fast now
the world around me blurs
and I am slightly dizzy
dizzy with joy
and I laugh because words escape me
patterns merge within the spinning
Grace fading into peace fading into passion
all wrapped up in love
It’s all I can see now
My hand in yours

I remember the me of the past
a skeleton
haunted with ghosts of longing and fear
standing against the wall
watching the rest of the world in love
feeling so alone and unchosen
then you tapped me on the shoulder
I didn’t think you’d come that way
I was surprised and terrified
that you would chose me
I was so aware of my rags
as you led me gently to the dance floor

Now I look down at my radiant dress
you purchased at great cost
The dress that seemed too lovely for me
I tried to pay you back
I worked myself to exhaustion.
Then you touched my shoulder again
but this time you shook me firmly

Come dance with me.”

Now, I twirl the dance gets trickier
but somehow I am learning
somehow I can follow your lead
Somehow I can hold onto your hand
and move how you move
And somehow it’s just gonna keep getting better

Now we dance under the stars as the world sleeps
knowing soon it will wake up
and join in

One Response to “So, You Think You Can't Dance?”

  1. Gale October 8, 2009 at 9:15 am #

    that is beautiful! I love when you say Somehow. We sure cant figure out why He loves us so much!

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