Dizzying Carousal

24 Sep

I have decided to sporadically release some poems from my book, partially in order to work up motivation to re-do and re-market a better and newer version. Enjoy, and give me some feedback. 🙂

Dizzying Carousal

Somehow, beyond this crumbling garden wall
We see the world through the same colored lens
You laugh like a child and I spin in circles till I fall into the earth
I am falling into you and I am not afraid anymore
You say that life’s a musical and I know I can’t dance
But I am no longer paralyzed
On the opposite side of the carousal
I can’t see You
Nor hear your voice above the daunting melody
When will the ride end?
Questions fade when piercing eyes
destroy every sensible notion
I have forgotten how to exhale
You’re a mystery with one missing clue
Someday the sun will rise just like any day
And the clue will be whispered
And I’ll know
I’ll just know
But for now, I am content to play this game of make believe
Where you rewrite the cranial script
And unwind the plot
Until the grand finale is resolved
Like the lightening strikes for a moment
When all wonder and awe are pushed aside
We make sense

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