Oh, Great Light Of the World

14 Dec

Stop for a moment.

Take a breath in. Out. In. Out.

You know your worries? Yeah, those petty little ones that begin to nibble on the corners of the peace in your mind, that you allow to have a feast. They don’t really matter. They could leave in an instant if you just shooed them away.

You know your pain? The one hiding like a shy child behind the skirts of the past. She never gets to grow up, turn into someone beautiful, because you’re so afraid to let some light shine on her face or even acknowledge she exists.

Then there’s fear. He plagues, stalks, terrorizes but if you really sat down next to him you would see he’s just a little boy, no strength at all. But you dread looking him in the eyes because you know what you will find.

All these things are most comfortable in the darkness. But guess what? There’s no room for them.

Actually, you have the light of the world inside of you. Do you know what that means? Every dark corner is actually a figment of your imagination. There is no space for dark where there is light. It was said this light isn’t just light, but actually the ability to love, the power to raise the dead, the whispered mysteries of all that is worth knowing.

Maybe you’ve been told this as a child, but along the road others have put your focus on all those others running around up there in the circus arena that is your mind. But let me remind you again- they are minuscule in comparison to this great light within.

This light, came before the universe was stitched together, entered into an empty void, shone it’s face upon all it created.

This light came again, to enter inside the human story, to show us love-starved beings how to live.

This light was blackened, only for a moment so darkness would no longer grip us.

So these things scurrying around inside, eating at us, paralyzing us, would no longer matter.

Now this light shines from the inside out of us, we are candle holders, lamps, vessels.

If we believe, If we acknowledge this truth above anything we feel with our fickle emotions or see with our eyes, this will be our reality.

This light is in no way of us (we are not the source,)  but it is within us and for us, and strong enough to cause the whole world to be lit up with love.

And so, let all your see be seen through this light: the colors are brighter, the atmosphere warmer, the joy is real.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

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