Why Are We So Afraid To Fall?

1 May

Here I tumble through space and time
grasping for things sticking out from the edge
but I am falling for a reason
My reason has nothing to do with
tripping up
(although thats what happened)
It’s mostly because I need to live
to feel the wind rushing around me
the air that becomes all that is left
when my own is knocked from me
abruptly as I hit the bottom
because you always do, eventually
I wouldn’t claim to be an expert
but I know this path
this drop
this feeling in the pit of my stomach
assured of not much
besides the fact gravity
once again had its way
I used to think I could fight it
move beyond it
talk myself into a place where I could stay
two feet rooted on the ground
then they begin to rot
and I muster up the strength to emerge
in air and sunshine
to the unknown and in the new
even if it means not so secure
even if it means not so perfect
especially if it means not so righteous
because I believe I made myself that way
through careful thought out decisions
through knowing answers
and pushing back real questions
until I reach the place where I know
I am dying and I need to
in order to live
free falling
eyes open
I’d rather feel all of this
why are we so afraid?

even the small bird knows the truth we have forgotten:

Why worry?
in order to fly, you must first fall

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