Gypsy Heart

10 May

(This is an older poem that never published online, just in my book All Things Are Becoming New.)







Gypsy Heart

I am so tired of this bouncing ball
It brings an ache to my bones
Causing me to age beyond my years
I can’t see past this waterfall
These round about thoughts turned to crazy tears

So give me a gypsy heart
To run free and wild and unashamed
To let down my hair in the wind
To stand without falling again

I want a vagabond soul
To ride bareback from border to border
To wear bright colors and dance round a fire
To write and kiss life with no fear

This is the look of a free bird
To scream to the air
Be completely absurd
To live madly and truly and freely

I am tired of these practical ideas
These plans and technical aspirations
These bullet points and sickly religions

So give me a sojourners mind
To follow a railway, leave all behind
From ocean to ocean
Barefoot and brave
To sleep in a castle, a tent, and a cave

To walk and talk with the small, forgotten,
Empty and full
To be present, to be alive
I am ready to start
So rip through these calluses
I want a gypsy heart

2 Responses to “Gypsy Heart”

  1. amanda May 10, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    love it. you are a gypsy heart.


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