Like Yellow and Gray

27 Feb

some days I wake up and I am not sure who I am or how I got there

perhaps I am hung over from being intoxicated on life

that’s a nice thought


or perhaps who I am feels like too complex of an issue before I shower and have coffee

and where I am changes too much

either way it’s unnerving


I stumble across the bedroom floor and think

maybe I am on a great ship sailing across unknown waters

and a sea monster’s tail just bumped the stern


or maybe that was the leftover lingering reality

from a dream I was rudely shoved out of at the sound of my alarm


some mornings my coffee cup is half full of goodness

and that’s enough to keep me out of bed, on to slay whatever  monsters arrives

whatever thoughts try to stop me from moving forwards one step at a time


I couldn't make this right side up. Sounds fitting.


some mornings my mug is half empty

expressionless and dull

and it’s a miracle to let three good sentences out on paper

and that I don’t get seasick doing it


some days are like yellow and grey

internally juxtaposed

and I see churning waters mixing

excitement and cynicism

passion and apathy

love and fear


and so I hold on and breathe the ocean air

because I’d rather have an adventure then stability

One Response to “Like Yellow and Gray”

  1. unknownjim February 27, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    Great post Brooke. We all need adventure over stability. I believe it is honestly what God wants for our lives.

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