That Something More

6 Nov

And I am struck with the idea that people color life, and as long as we make loving others a priority, each day  will shine.

Every moment will be  filled with hope overcoming doubt in our attempt to create new things to fill the voids in the atmosphere.


We are always longing for something more

 and the “Something More” is what we have.

 A circle within a circle…………..


 Infinity defines the center.

 The True Life’s flow inspiring

 life expressed creativity

 and acts of love.

 -John Luby


And suddenly, happiness hits us “like a bullet in the back,” as Florence sings.

And we know the present is as bright as the future.

Because the future is determined by us.

By our daily decisions to believe in the Grace that empowers,

that gives life to words,

that leads us back home.



Life is, after all, what you believe it to be. 


When you look for chaos and pain, you will inevitably see it.

When you look for goodness, it is there.

Real maturity means understanding no one will live your life for you.

You have to live. 

You have to scoop it up into your arms and embrace it — but don’t hold it too tight or it will squirm away.

Each day you have to face another form of an old fear, and remind  yourself why he doesn’t control you anymore.

But fear will try to stop you from doing that. He will hide himself with disguises that look like safety and common sense.

He will try to convince you to hoard what you have received, so no one will slander it or try to take it from you.

He will trick you into existing, without truly living.

I say, punch fear in the face.

Go ahead.

Kick his ass.

Refuse to hear his voice.

Do what you never thought you could do.

Believe you have that “something more” to actually do it.

Love someone deeply with no agenda.

Create something incredible with your life.


Then listen.

Because the sound of Love is always louder.

2 Responses to “That Something More”

  1. Bonita Jones Knott November 6, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    Love, love, love this! The love message is going to win…even if it’s just a chosen few.

  2. Steve November 7, 2012 at 5:46 am #

    How I love these words of Life.. Thank you for writing them. Thank you for believing..

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