I Won’t Sing Those Songs Anymore

9 Apr

Come Lord Jesus, Come. 

Let us invite him into this place. 

God, we want more of you. 


I am afraid our lyrics proclaim

a distance that doesn’t exist

like God is far away

just waiting for us to say the right phrase

then He’ll stop what He’s busy doing

and descend from heaven

walk through our buildings doors

to hand out a blessing


you may laugh and say,

“Brooke, they are only words.”

but words are all we have

when we are trying to:

document the divine,

portray a higher power,

define love,


it’s important they stay true

one wrong word can trip up

a confused and searching heart

lead them to believe they have to do


We are broken for you

We are hungry

We must be filled


we cry like refugees in the desert

so far from home

not realizing our need is an illusion

there is a feast and an endless flow of water

within us


I am afraid our speech reflects

we are still waiting

for the news

to change from bad to good

even though all goodness and love

already surround us


One Response to “I Won’t Sing Those Songs Anymore”

  1. Russ April 9, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    Awesome, simple & clearly stated! Please go one farther for a guy like me who spends much time off the grid (no FB, YouTube & greatly filtered content) in a country. List songs or singers that are there about this like God fry Birtrell! Any more?
    Love & prayers, Russ

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