Rebirth Certificates

25 Apr

I felt a poem coming at 2 am

accompanying a bright moon

dramatically revealing herself

an unearthly moment

crashing into a mundane one


as my dog relieved himself

on the scrubby apartment grass


I vigorously shook myself off

like a mutt coming out of water

all the while thinking


This must be rebirth

happening again.


and all the things I’ve fought so hard for

fall to the ground in droplets and evaporate

I feel a pulsating heat

rush out from the inside of me

cascading over my tingling skin


“What if waking up is the only thing worth pursuing?”

the moon posed a question

as the clouds swirled around her

showing off her talent

in visual effects


I want  to live in a certain world

I think

but faux certainty turns magic

to numbers and weather forecasts


I want so badly to know what comes next

yet I get mad at spoiler alerts

and bored when the ending is obvious


my lists and play-by-plays

settle my weary churning mind

only for a moment

before it rudely demands

the next thing


“What if the timeline doesn’t matter because

Real Life waits outside of it?”

the moon interrupted my musing

as my dog tugged at arm


and that’s when I saw it:

here and now

there and then

bleeding into one brilliant piece of art

hung on a starry wall

between a row of

my rebirth certificates

and this poem


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