I Took Your Name

24 Aug

I took your name

in taking  your name

I lost nothing



the lie I can live life alone

the confusion that happens when

I attempt to make sense of the world by myself


I lost

any desire to search for someone else

my cynical views of romance

that tense, gnawing sense I am still waiting


I took your name

in taking your name

I lost nothing of my identity

Instead I am inclined to fall

more into myself

the real, undiscovered self

I see reflected in your eyes

miles and crowds of people

and words and dreams realized


I took your name

and gave you myself

a frightening and beautiful process

of wholeness and abandonment

an awkward yet synchronous dance

we continue to learn

for the next ninety years


I took your name

and gained the world

you see so brightly

and call ours


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