One Million Voices

11 Jan

Sometimes it seems like there is too much happening in the world,

And we are supposed to be emotionally invested in all of it.

To care, deeply.

To do something about.

To fight for it.

Forget yourself or your own family: We are living in a global mindset.

With instant access.

Instant information.

Instant compassion.

…Or instant apathy.

Honestly, It is exhausting.

We were not created with the capacity to hear

One million voices talking at once.

And everyone has an opinion about everything

Everyone shouts from their platform,

Usually angry and afraid.

The new drug: Always having to be right.

It’s killing us.

We wouldn’t talk to each other that way in real life.

If we would we’d be so dysfunctional,

Like an Indie drama where the whole family has secrets and rage

Always screaming at each other, outbursts of pride and anger,

Always trying to come out on top.

Please stop.

We know the world is dying and we are just adding to the chaos.

Please think:

Is this worth my time saying, typing, sharing?

I am not trying to police the internet, really.

Maybe we all just need to spend some time away.

Develop our own thoughts through time,

Real discussion with people we trust,

Spend some alone time with the universe,

Prayer and an open mind.

Maybe I am just tired of all the noise.

All the words: but no power behind them.

No change.

No real impact.

Then there are the few that stop talking and DO.

Those who are in the trenches.

Fighting, loving, creating, working things out.

Making things happen in the real world. 

(The true heroes of this story.)

Let’s look to them.

Let’s be them.


Photo Credit: Web Summit via Compfight cc


There are plenty of people who pray for peace, but if praying was enough it would have come to be, let your words enslave no one, and heavens will hush themselves to hear, voices ring out clear with songs of freedom. -Jewel,  A Life Uncommon 

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