27 Mar

It wasn’t cold, like I thought it would be

It was warm, like slipping underneath a thick sheepskin at night

Surrounding me, 

Telling me it was ok to let go

I could see shadows as I struggled to keep my eyes open 

and my senses awake

I fought, mostly for my father

He wasn’t ready to leave me yet

My body had hardly begun to change from girl to woman 

but it felt frail like a woman who had many children

and grandchildren 

I knew I would never bear that gift

I would never know the love of a husband

I would never have a home of my own 

I would never see another bright full moon

Or taste a grape, sweet and bursting from the sun 

My time was up

I was going home

I felt a hand, rough and familiar, touch my face:


I heard him weeping

He wasn’t ready to lose his only daughter

His baby girl 

I am sorry, papa

I tried to whisper, but my words couldn’t form

It was so warm

I was floating


The weeping faded

A glint of light beckoned me and I felt myself lifted

I began to soar upward like a bird

Then, as if my wings were heavied by rain

I was pulled back to the ground 

by words 

Soft but firm

Lovely and dangerous 

Echoing in my very core 

Spoken across realms of reality 

Aligning my spirit back into my earthly body 
“Little girl, arise.”

I was staring at him

Someone I had never met,

But knew instantly
I wasn’t home, but I was home

Back to my earthly reality
His warm eyes brimmed with tears

As he smiled from my bedside,

His hand in mine
I felt a surge in my body, like energy from the sun’s rays

and I knew my disease was no more

I stood up 

My legs strong

My heart beating 
My father rushed into the room, tear stained face, eyes as big as the sea.

He gasped
I dropped the hand of my healer and ran to him

He picked me up like a small child 

and swung me around


Only for joy this time

One Response to “Anastasis ”

  1. John Frederick Luby/ pops/dad March 27, 2016 at 8:01 pm #

    Ah, …..Brooke, this is a major leap ahead in your writing,! A sensitive, beautiful, and poetically paced piece It touched me deeply, and more deeply the second time I read it! I look forward to more like this…..

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