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Terminal Writing

25 Feb


If you are like me, you may find the phrase, “Live like you are dying,” cliché and uninspiring.

But like any popular slogan, there is a ring of truth to it.

Not to be all dark and gloomy, but the reality is we are all dying. 

Our time on this planet is so short.

So, go with me for a moment to that raw, stripped-down, emotional frame of mind where you know your days are numbered.

What would you want to tell the world with your last breath?

What would be inscribed on your tombstone?

What is the one message you want to leave behind?

Write like that.

This is how you find your voice. 




Write as if you were dying.

At the same time, assume you write for an audience consisting solely of terminal patients.

That is after all, the case.

What would you begin writing if you knew you would die soon?

What would you say to a dying person that would not enrage by its triviality?

Annie Dillard, The Writing Life


To All My Dreamers

21 Feb

To All My dreamers,


This one is for you.

To those of you that wake up with a gnawing passion to create something, anything.

And when the gnaw fades into hunger and doubt,

You can’t help but think,


“What the hell am I doing?”

“What have I done with my life?”

“What am I really accomplishing?”

“Maybe I should just give in, and get a real job.”


These words are poison and you know it,

But you let them sink in long enough to make you sick,

Then you release them.

Because something in you won’t give in.

Something knows it would be a slow and miserable death.


Because that thing

That thing you just have to do,

Is what makes you fully human

And fully immortal, all at once.

It is what makes you bleed and break and laugh and cry,

And start all over when you’re not giving it everything.


That thing

Causes you to realize you are made up of dirt and stars, 

To see your humanity face-to-face,

And to rise above it into the endless sky.


To those who’ve been ridiculed, criticized or even worse, ignored.

To all whose expressions of art drip with beauty and meaning, yet they are treated like common trash,


I see you.

I see your excruciating struggle to birth something the world has never seen,

Only to have it be discarded.

I see your swollen eyes, your ripped manuscript, your time spent in the mirror questioning yet again if you are good enough.


Please believe,

You are.

Please believe,

Someone in the world needs to see the way you express how to be human. 

Someone needs to know they are not alone.


But also please know, the world owes you nothing.

Not fame or recognition, wealth, a platform or “success.”

But once you really believe that, you will be free to create.


So please, Dreamer, don’t ever stop creating.

Don’t ever stop imagining.

Don’t ever stop dreaming.

Don’t ever stop pursuing that thing that makes you fully alive.

Don’t ever give up who you are for “the easy road.”

Don’t listen to those voices that tell you that you can’t or you shouldn’t,

Especially when it’s your own.


Wake up another day. Be thankful for a full mind, a heart, hands, and a voice.

Be thankful for the gift that runs through your veins and drives you to be extraordinary. 


 Go, create something beautiful.


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