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Another Grateful List

31 May

Once in a while I like to shake myself out of my ordinary jump-right-to-the-next-thing mentality and pause for a moment to be thankful. The end of May is as good of a time as the end of November, maybe even better. I’ve been worrying a bunch lately and things seem overwhelming to me, then just like that they come together and everything works out. And I realize my worry did absolutely nothing. So here is my moment of silence to reflect on things I am grateful for lately.


Being here, now.  Knowing I am happier when I don’t live in my head in certain future places and spaces.

Frozen raspberries.

My Boston Terrier Mumford’s snuggles.

Baths. Never have I been more thankful for warm baths. Epsom salt, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Rocking in my chair in the nursery. Thinking of all the times I will be there with my daughter in my arms.

My husband’s passion, sensitivity, bravery and dedication. And so much more.

Health. Breathing sighs of relief after too many doctor visits.

Fields of bright orange Indian Paintbrush.

Coconut water.

Spring rainstorms, ending like this.

Seeing God in the amazing sales and great deals.

Church. (Finally) A safe place where I don’t feel anxious or pressured.

My purple yoga ball.

Happy texts from best friends.


Baby dancing to folk music in my womb.

Spinach omelettes.

Stories of birth that make me weep and fortify my strength that I can do this and I don’t have to be afraid of pain.

Chatting with good friends, feeling safe to be myself.

Comfortable flip-flops.

Brushing my fingers over the soft and bright baby clothes filling Aurelia’s closet, knowing soon she will fill them.

Fresh Greek Salads. Gyro meat. Well, any greek food.

Packages in the mail with stuff for my baby girl. Generous people, caring.

After months of searching and dead ends, finding the perfect vehicle for our growing family.

Writing articles on a variety of topics I get to learn about. And getting paid to write them.

Yoga pants and maternity tank tops.

Laughing at “An Idiot Abroad.”

Sleep. Embracing and enjoying it.

Hikes past rocky crags with blooming cacti.

Strolling around the fountains in lovely downtown Fort Worth.

Feeling taken care of. Without the guilt attached.

Finding lost bits of creativity.

Flutters and kicks. Watching a pillow move on my stomach.

Counting down, without (too much) anxiety or impatience. She will come when she’s ready.

This wibbley-wobbly timeline that is life.

Walking crooked roads to get where I am going.


What Makes Me Happy, Now.

19 Aug

Stepping out my apartment this morning and immediately noticing a difference— something in the air has shifted, there is a freshness, the thick blanket of summer has finally lifted.

The beautiful bitter darkness of The Book Thief,  shining words awe-ing even Death himself.

Driving one ordinary summer night and realizing, I was born to make up stories in my head, and instead of going crazy stressing about imaginary scenarios in my life, I can channel that energy into writing novels.

Feeling my fingers itch with the need to write as soon as that revelation hit me.

Signing up for community college and then being ok with deciding I am not ready right now. Even though I am 27.

A visiting friend, and girl’s night at The Stockyards.

Corn tortillas from the Farmer’s Market.

Growing anticipation for The Wizard of God.

Receiving my first ever professional massage. Absolute bliss.

Having a really good day and realizing it was good because it was filled with people.

Not fearing being alone with my thoughts.

Finding and keeping a bottle of Imported Italian sparkling wine.

Honest phone conversations with my best friend.

Finding a billion ways to incorporate spinach in my daily diet.

Finding new brands of cheaper coffee that actually taste amazing.

Picking a random antique book to read out loud from at Half Price Books, only to realize it is creepy cult manifesto.

Staying home from church to sleep in, go for a long walk where I felt free to talk to God, and write this.

Attempting to do the Macarena at a Special Needs Dance.

Coconut Chicken Soup from Sea Siam.

Feeling happy and content to be at the job I have.

Realizing this:

One of the special needs guys I work with asking for girl advice and then telling me the next day, “I’ve been thinking about what you said. I think I know what to do.”

Watching my boyfriend train my puppy with all his patience and kindness and authority.

Learning about random topics as I write social media posts for money, including: jet skiing, garden statues, and pedicures.

Emails going back and forth between close friends, helping each other sort through our beliefs, struggles and ideas, and planning a camping trip while we are at it.

Discovering new music.

Reading everything and anything.

Art projects with no expectations other than having fun.

Learning back roads so I can avoid highway traffic.

Stopping to get french fries and a milkshake after a 12 hour Saturday shift and not feeling guilty about it.

Being relieved at not having to move again.

Future plans to visit New Hampshire.

Being able to pick up my Bible again, and feeling the warmth of Jesus’ words come over me.

Coming home to this sweet face.

Learning to take the time to listen to my breath.

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