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These Unfettered Lines

10 Apr


my story begins not-so-right

fighting and biting my way out of the night


aware of having a face that wasn’t my own

obsessed with avoiding being alone


pushing, squeezing

trying to work on my breathing


never believing

I could really make it out on time


but this is how I came to love

these unfettered lines


I traded all I thought I was

into who I really am


I gave up following a straight line

and started for an uncharted way


I turned in my map for a songbook

and traced the light into the day


I gave up and lost it all

and let myself fall


into the grace of not knowing

where I am or where I am going


and soon I came to see

I had been strangling the life right out of me


with a rulebook as a noose

and a false sense of reality


but this is how I came to love

these unfettered lines


I gave up all I thought I knew

and danced in a dark room


running for the sunrise

obligatory ambitions absolved


I returned to the womb

and started anew


these words finally opening my eyes


What A Daring Thing

16 Oct

“I am grateful that I started writing at a very early age, before I realized what a daring thing it is to do, to set down words on paper, to attempt to tell a story, create characters. We have to be braver than we think we can be, because God is constantly calling us to be more then we are, to see through the plastic sham to living, breathing, reality and to break down our defenses of self-protection in order to be free to receive and give love.”-Madeleine L’Engle, Walking On Water

She knew a little bit about bravery.  A Wrinkle In Time was rejected 26 times, and then when it was finally published, went on to win a Newbery Medal.

If we are  going to create anything meaningful, we are going to be misunderstood, made fun of, rejected, and even hated.

The forces that come against a creative work are often directly proportional to how much impact that work will have on the world.

But we won’t stay there forever.

Every mother knows the labor pains are worth all the love and beauty you will soon hold in your arms.

“Be brave! Have courage! Don’t fear! Do what you think you  ought to do, even if it’s nontraditional. Be open. Be ready to change.”

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