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What to do When the World Falls Apart

17 Apr

1. Turn off the news and go outside.

Get lost in the woods.

Or even better,  your lover’s arms.


2. Be honest with yourself. If you hate the world right now, say so.

Let the cynicism rise out of you, your words creating a spiritual detox until you’re drained.


3. When you are finished, replace the void by drowning yourself in hope.

Do whatever you can to remember that there is still goodness in humanity. 

Play with a child.

Use your imagination.


4. Anger is necessary, but you must breathe out the toxins before it turn into bitterness.

Only you know that moment. Catch it and then let it go.


5. Do something good for someone. Anonymously.


6. Put your hands in some dirt and feel around. Splash water on your face.

Trace the lines on the back of someone’s hands.


7. Lose yourself in a beautiful song.


8. Scribble a picture or write a poem.


9. Eat your favorite food. Taste every bite, with no guilt.

Think of nothing but the miracle of your taste buds.

The miracle of life.


10. Pour another glass!


11. Let yourself laugh.  Or weep.

Or both at the same time.


12. Ask yourself, “Where is redemption happening right now?” When you find it, rest your eyes there for a while. 


13. Know you are loved.

And tomorrow is another day.






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