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Top Three Do or DIE

5 Jun

Sometimes it is good to sit back and reevaluate my life. Not in a way that analyzes it to pieces, more in a way that nourishes dreams which have been previously starved to death by my own cynicism or just plain laziness. I need to remind myself of what makes me come alive,

and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

It’s good to simplify. Yes, life is more complicated then we wish, but it is really? The things that really matter are simple, I believe. And so, I decided to re-think and re-write the list of things that really matter. This is not a bucket list, I have plenty of those. This is not a vision statement, really. These are the top three things that matter, that if my day to day life isn’t somehow making room for these, it was pretty pointless. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning, what drives me, what if I didn’t do I may as well DIE.

My answers surprised me a little, but once they were down, I understood many of my impatience, and frustration in life.

Here they are, in no particular order… actually, that’s a lie. They are in order, counting backwards. And GO….


3. Somehow be a part of the rescue, healing, and restoration of people who are being used and abused, mainly women and children. Prostitutes, those forced into it and those who were not. Orphans, physically and spiritually. Homeless, dejected, rejected and hopeless. Saying this is a huge task is a gross understatement. I have no idea how I can do anything at times. I can write about it, and that is important. I can tell stories that will hopefully stir people, give what I have. I can love. I can offer them smile, a hot meal, a bath, fresh clothes, a word of hope, a word of encouragement. Anything. To somehow let the loveless know they are in fact loved.

2. Write, Good News. The phrase used to be, “be a writer, get published, have my name known.” While I am not going to fake humility and say I don’t care about that anymore, I am not going to bother putting it in her, because in the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. This is so much bigger then me. Truth needs to be written. Redemption needs a voice. I feel mainly these words need to be for Christians who live in fear and don’t understand God’s love is unconditional, that His grace is enough, or those who hate anything to do with the church because of what has been done to them.  I am realizing this could look like a variety of things: poetry, co-authored books, honest stories, life essays. Anything. Life needs to jump off the pages. Words need to become a hug from Jesus.

1. To be a wife and mom. Lately, I love the thought of dreaming what another life is going to look like, knowing I can’t control it, but I can love, I can be there, I can guide. I can whisper “You were meant for amazing things.” I can watch them grow. My whole world can revolve around them, instead of myself. Lately, I think that motherhood is in fact the most important thing I could ever do. I guess this goes beyond waiting till the right timing to have my own kids. There are all kinds of people that need mothering.


So there they are. Bare naked ideas that will somehow make my life livable.

I think maybe I should frame these, or tattoo them backwards across my face so I can’t look in the mirror without remembering why God made me.

Hopefully this was more then just me spilling my guts, hopefully it got you thinking about what makes you move.

Ready. Set. Discuss. What are your Top Three Do or DIE?

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