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Looking For Faces

6 Jun

at night when I drive
I become a machine
I know the route so well
I get stuck in a daze
and find myself at point B

every once in awhile
I’ll come back to life
and see things
in the corner of my eye

a lamppost becomes a person
lights, a gaze at me

and I think
we are all just looking for faces

we see them in a piece of toast
or bowl of cereal
in cracks in the ceiling
or holes in our clothes

these sightings make frightened
make us laugh
make something ordinary, not

a holy moment
a sight of eternity
linking us with all humanity

we spend all day
filling our eyes with numbers and letters
dollar signs and every image

but we all know
faces are the only thing
worth anything

we lose ourselves
trying to forget certain faces
the way eyes crease
and lips thin when angry

we try to remember
a freckled nose
a perfect line
caused by joy

we squint just enough so they
all blur together
but we can’t erase them

we’re all just looking for faces


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