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God is a DJ

19 Oct

the music begins and I look around
I already kicked off my worry with my shoes
I already left my self-consciousness at the door
I am assuming it gave up and walked away
along with my pride and fear
cause no one here is aware
of their own inadequacy
it doesn’t exist
this isn’t a competition
this is a celebration
no one is trying to get with anyone
everyone is already together
no one is going to go home lonely
we are already home
the music ebbs and flows
jungle beats and mountaintop flutes
jazzy, then epic rock
simple guitar
carrying into the fullest orchestra
we dance
as one humankind
all shades of black, brown, white whirl into one
with the synchronization of professionals
the silliness of children
the familiarity of a couple on their fiftieth anniversary
the lyrics tell our stories
and our lips move
our voices strong
singing with the melody
It becomes singular: our story
sworn enemies grab hands
formal cripples swinging round
sons lifting up with strong arms
daughters twirling
the music shifts
we turn with it
all bodies fluid in this
river of joy
the music fades
in unison we shout:



Men & Rocks (A Parable)

30 Aug

Two men were walking down an old dusty road called life carrying sacks.

One stopped along the way and picked up a stone called “Addiction,” and put it in his sack. The second man picked up a stone called “Evangelism.”

They walked a little further, when the first man found a rock called “Sexual Sin.” He put it in his sack. Nearby, the second man realized he must be missing something so he found a rock called “Feeding the Poor,” and did the same.

The two men walked on, a little slower this time because of the weight. The first man stopped by a tree and found a large boulder called “Self-Hatred” which he carefully squeezed into his bag. The second man found one just as big called “My Reputation,” and fit it in his bag.

They continued along the road. The first man acquired several more over the miles of travel: “Abuse,” “Dishonesty,” and “Drunkenness.”

The second man also picked up more to add to his load. They were big shiny rocks with long fancy names such as: “Memorizing Scripture,” “Attending Church,” and “Protesting Abortion.”

By this time, both men could barely walk under the load.

Out of nowhere, along came a man with a smile on his face. He stopped and looked at the men, both sweating and straining under their heavy sacks.

“Let me carry them.” He offered, firmly but gently. The first man put down his sack and looked inside. He recognized the rocks were no good. They were jagged and dirty and making his back ache. He closed the sack and handed it to the smiling man, grateful for the relief.

The second man put down his sack and looked in. All his rocks seemed were smooth and shiny, even though they were just as heavy.

“I can’t just let him carry them,” he thought to himself,  “They are my responsibility. Besides, they are not all dirty and jagged like the other man’s rocks.”

So the second man said “No thank you.” He closed his bag, and hoisted it back onto his own aching back. He continued to shuffle down the road, miserable and sweaty, but filled with a sense of self-pride.

The first man joyfully skipped down the road, following his savior, free from all things that had weighed him down.


In Your Head

26 Aug

life and death are strung between the choices
words, touch, feelings, what he’s fighting for
he’s teeming with possibility:
whether world domination or world peace,
he’s anything but a pacifist
neutral is no ground to camp on
give him rocks or water
destruction lies in the hands that make art
in his speech
he can pull together or tear apart
strength pours into weapons of mass chaos
or lifting up the weak ones
passion rings with love or hate
living inside greed or gifts
balance is a place to fall
with no circus net to catch him
all of heaven and hell live between his ears
today, he choices one

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