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A Field of Empty Pages

19 Jun


some mornings

certain words

try to press into me

and  I can barely feel them


I shake off their outlines

like they never meant anything

though once they were air

now I choke and splutter


It’s always scary and amazing how

that which once felt like life

seems like death

and some of what I had mistaken

for death

is a lot like life


just a bit of it

enough to get me past

the raging feeling that

all of this is for naught


vanity, vanity


and I don’t have the energy

to disassemble

and interpret

the complex



that repeat

over again in my head


with no understanding

lessons gone unlearned

headlines unheard

screaming warnings unobserved


poetry forgotten

I drag myself into a

field of empty pages

desperate for some awakening

aching for an exclamation



when words fail me

I know I put too much hope in them

they are empty without

the meaning behind them

a heart with no blood

bones with no skin

love with no risk


you can’t read in the dark

so I must let the light in

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