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Dear Wall Street Protestors,

8 Oct

I don’t know what it’s like to be you, but I do understand the warm feeling surging inside that comes from knowing you are a part of something bigger than yourself. I can relate to the pride in knowing that you are finally standing up to face “the man,” a David throwing stones at Goliath’s head.

I know you believe you are changing society, one voice at a time, and I get that. I love your passion. I love to see my generation getting off their couch, not just posting on Facebook about something, but rallying together and refusing to back down until change happens.

I know you’ve all been waiting for something to believe in, but I have to wonder, is this it?

Is there a better way?

I know what it feels like to feel like a victim, how easy it is to blame some mass conglomerate blurry face of evil for screwing you over, but let me tell you, it never ends well.

The need for justice is never satisfied. If you fight hate with hate no one wins.

I know you may be hurt, you may have suffered and I am not downplaying that.

But, do you want really overcome? You want to be a real hero? Try standing for something instead of against something. I feel convicted when I write this and I know it’s harder, it sucks practicing what you preach, and it’s in that place where you come face to face with your own hypocrisy.

It’s easy to throw out judgments on those big bad corporations, but what am I doing with my own money? How am I selfishly hoarding it instead of helping those in need?

How am I using my creativity to create jobs instead of complaining that there isn’t any?

How am I being Jesus to my neighbors? Do I realize it’s not the government’s responsibility to take care of those in need, but the churches? And I am the church.

No matter what is going on in Wall Street or the White House,  it shouldn’t  affect how I live my life and treat others, how I can bring change through love and grace.

It’s easier to yell and blame “the man,” and I know that.

We want to put a face on the problem, but real change comes when each of us realize “I am the problem,” and seek a solution outside of ourselves.

So, while I think it’s awful what our country has become and I hate the greed that drives things, while I can’t stand the injustice of arrests and the agenda of the media, while I love the passion and energy you display, I can’t say, dear Wall Street protestors, I am behind what you are doing.

Maybe true revolution comes quietly, and starts when each person stops being a victim and realizes the world is what we make it, that good is all around us, we just have to open our eyes.

Maybe we can all start directing our passion towards creating new things, offering new solutions, loving our neighbors and using our own resources to change things.

Then, people will be so drawn to the newness, the old system will inevitably collapse.



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