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Like Air & The Sea

14 Feb

what if I were to told you that you are loved




in a mad sort of way that makes no mental sense

but holds you together, stitching broken emotions, a tangible presence that fills your being with visions of the ocean

wide, deep, never unending



what if I told you the entire reason you exist

is to jump into these waters

to find yourself embraced by this warm liquid


what if I said to you that your biggest failures

your deepest regret and guilt

your moments you want to erase

the things done to you

the physical feeling of your heart ripping in half

those words that were said you’ve spent years trying to forget

those dark seconds when you wished you were never born


those are simply tiny shards of rock

tumbled by this oceans waves

becoming grains of sand

disappearing into the grandeur of this sea


what if I were to tell you

you are surrounded by the essence of grace

a sweet smelling mountain air

oxygen, after years of being locked up in

a dark, musty basement

gasping for a breath, longing for escape from a stale reality


what if I were to tell you, instead of searching endlessly for love

you could revel in the truth that you are loved already

what if I told you, all the forgiveness, purpose, pleasure, beauty, passion, life you look for

is as close as the in and out of your chest


this is the air

you can’t escape it, you can only choose to hold your breath

or to breathe


this is the ocean

you can’t contain it, you can only choose to stay on the dry sand

or to jump

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