Rescue Mission

19 Jun

I want to start a homeless shelter and/or an orphanage. I’ve been obsessing and dreaming about it lately. I have this vision to have a home for the down and out to come and refresh, find healing, find peace and love and a community and through that, find Jesus. The times when I have felt most alive are the times when I am simply loving on people that society may look down on. I guess that’s what being a christian really is… so many things I am learning and learning over again.

We’ve been going to the East Texas Rescue Mission in Tyler. They opened in the fall, and I actually took a team of the first volunteers from our DTS. I found out they had a picture of us framed in the office. It was so awesome to see how they had grown, the men they are ministering too. When we went on Thursday we got to meet the director, and talked to him about helping re-do their newletter, and make a promo video. I am really excited about the promo video, this is really something I love to do. Monday we are going into to get footage, photos, and do interviews. We met this one kid, who’s parents dropped him off at the shelter when he turned 18… So sad, I can’t imagine….

I will make sure to post the video when we are through.

I’ve been trying to pick up some freelance writing gigs, as well as donating plasma for some money every weeks, but I am still having a hard time finanically. If you would like to be a part of what I am doing here at YWAM, please click the donate button to the right. A good way to help too, is to simply purchase my book. I’ve been working on a new “trailer” for my book, that I will be posting soon.

I will leave you with this quote by good ‘ole CS Lewis,

“To be loved by God…not merely pitied, but delighted in, it seems impossible, a weight or burden of glory which our thoughts can hardly sustain. But so it is.”

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