Riots in Western China

12 Jul

I heard about the riots in Urumqi, China and I was heart broken. It’s sad how I can hear news about death and destruction and people dying in all parts of the world, but it’s easy to be numb to it, if I am not somehow emotionally connected to it. I am definitely emotionally connected to Urumqi. My team spent quite a bit of time there when we were traveling across the silk road shooting footage for our still- in- the- can documentary, “Journey: the Silk Road of China.” The farthest place in the world from the ocean, Urumqi is a wild and beautiful cultural clash of colors, scents and sounds. I met a girl there who put a face to largest minority group in China, and really changed my life. Read my story about it here.

I decided to make a video with some of my favorite pictures from that city, in hope to promote peace in the midst of all the ethnic tension happening.

My heart is with the people in Western China and I hope to return someday, sooner than later.

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