Resting In Grace

16 Oct

I am tired of standing like a tired soldier, guarding these stones
I am tired of marching to get in shape for a war that’s already been won
I am tired of trying to shove beings into a mold
Tired of all rocks I’ve been trying to hold
I am sick from eating rotten worm-filled bread
I am heady-achey from trying to empty my head
I walk into these churches and they look like morgues
I see these thrones filling our homes with false lords
Everywhere I go I see haunted eyes of stories untold
People being sold by pimps and ministries alike

We can’t go out at night
We can’t travel far
How can we get anywhere, if we don’t know who we are?

So now I sit down in Your place
Now I unclinch my fists
Now I can finally see my shining face
Now I can jump into the sea of affection
Now I can practice resurrection
Now what I feel and what I see aren’t so far apart
Now I am not afraid to trust my heart
No more crossing my arms, I can embrace
No more endless trying
I am resting in Grace

One Response to “Resting In Grace”

  1. steve October 17, 2009 at 12:50 am #

    Beautiful. The song of a heart set free. With open arms we dive into the sea of God’s affection and embrace Grace Himself. Beautiful.

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