wear an empty tomb 'round our necks

23 Oct

and so the stone is rolled away from my heart
and now it’s pink flesh
and so the time line goes on and on
and so the wind comes through twigs and bones
and leaves and muscles form

“where, o death, is your sting?”
is the new song that I sing

and so tears become dew drops drying up with the coming sun
and so the gardener speaks my name
and for the first time: I see with new eyes, I see with new eyes

and so down a dusty road a familiar stranger reveals all things to meand so I burn inside with this fiery love

greater things are to come, greater things are to come

and so the peace of God can dwell in this once broken home                                                                                                        and so cripples dance before an welcoming throne

singing at the top of their lungs: It’s a new day, it’s a new day
and so the earth turns round and the blue and greens having meaning

and so the stars whisper mysterious things

and we finally know what they are saying: all things have been done, all things have been done

and so we rest in a nest of grace
and we live their safe from sin’s talons
where, o fear, are you claws?
now I spread my wings

“where, o death, is your sting?”
is the new song that I sing

One Response to “wear an empty tomb 'round our necks”

  1. steve r October 23, 2009 at 10:03 am #


    I hear the song of a heart set free!


    Keep singing!

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