Happiness, Now

12 Nov

Every once in awhile, I like to write a list of what  I am currently thankful for. I know it’s a little early for thanksgiving, no matter, it’s more about perspective on how blessed my life is. So, here goes in no particular order.

Sitting on my futon in the evening drinking earl gray tea and reading a good book.
Crunching leaves with my bike as I ride to work in the morning.
Seeing stories and truths take shape in the book I get to be a part of writing.
Laughing at the office.
Random weekend adventures with Jean-Thomas- parks, geo-caching, adopting a pig.
My basil plant- smelling it, watering it, picking off leaves to cook with.
Listening to Sleeping at Last’s new EPs every month and being enthralled with every song.
24/7 youth- just falling in love with the teens there.
Cooking Indian food with spices from the local international market.
Seeing kids of every ethnicity play ball together in the park behind my apartment.
Discovering God’s word together with my Pais coworkers.
Getting genuine hugs from my new family at Lake House Church.
Endless conversations with Mere about love, life, the universe and old homestar runner quotes.
Movie nights at the Louviers.
Finding random awesome things at thrift stores- like a vintage wooden bird cage for $3.
Sprawling out on my huge bed after a long day, staring at the photos on my wall representing my life adventures.
Feeling like I can stay here, and be happy.
Grace. That breathes in my lungs every day.

Eagle Mountain. After an adventurous day with Jean-Thomas.

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