Twenty-Eleven, In Moments.

1 Jan

The morning came in subtly with shades of amber hues, contradicting the brilliant neon hues of the sunset.

And I think maybe some things come in softly and slowly and go out with a ferocious bang.

And vise versa. Because sometimes ends and beginnings blur together.
2011 felt  like an ordinary year, but it wasn’t.

I took a motorcycle class, got my website hacked by a terrorist, found out my niece has leukemia, biked down a mountain in Virginia, and wrote more the I have ever written.

I have had many wonderful and weird and bad experiences this year. I am going to focus on the good. Because life happens in moments, I will reflect that way.

Dear Sparky and Mermaid, you are indeed shining beacons of awesomeness in my life.

Working for Pais Project was more than just a job. I loved it, even the difficult moments. I met some great people, learned a ton, and was able to be a part of  writing the book, “The Cloud and the Line.” I was there for so many reasons, and when it was time to go it was bittersweet.

I love these guys. I had so much fun working with them. I don’t have a picture of everyone, but I loved my boss and coworkers as well as the people at Lakehouse Church. It was a good year in Arlington.

Vacationing in the Florida Keys with my favorite people was one of the most unexpected blessings and great adventures of my year. My dad was also there (he was taking the picture.)

What a magical place. It was a time of grace. The best vacation of my life. I am so thankful for Steve, who made all this happen.

I did a lot of cooking at my apartment in Arlington. My favorite part of living there was all the amazing Asian and Middle Eastern food. I walked to the Halal supermarket and bought fresh meat, produce and curry.

2011 was the year of really becoming a writer. I typed out a book for my boss at Pais, started writing freelance for  SEO and Social Networking companies, and of course, co-wrote the  “The Wizard of God.” I  also won a poetry contest and was nominated for a Pushcart prize.

I had the privilege of road-tripping with my man up to New England to see my family. We spent a fun day exploring New York City.

I love this picture of my parents and my brother Robert.

Water wars with my nephew Tre.

Hanging out in Portsmouth with my beautiful sister Terra.

Boston! One of my favorite cities.

In the fall I lived in North Carolina for three months. It was a sweet time. I read a lot. I became pretty reclusive, but it ended up being a good thing. I wrote a book. I still can’t get over that.

I saw some great concerts in North Carolina including One Republic,

John Mark McMillan, Michael Gungor,

and of course, The Civil Wars.

We saw them right after we finished writing the book.

It was a great ending to an amazing year.

Steve, Becca and I at the Biltmore in NC.

I am thankful for this year. It has been challenging as all years are, but I feel like I have grown a lot and seen a lot of things come to pass.

Favorites of 2011


Josh Garrels– Love and War and the Sea Between

Katie Herzig– The Waking Sleep


The Tree of Life

Midnight In Paris

TV Shows-

Pan Am

New Girl


All Is Grace, Brennan Manning

Trail of Crumbs, Kim Sunee

And now… onward.

One Response to “Twenty-Eleven, In Moments.”

  1. macleaneyAmanda January 3, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    What a lovely reflection for a wonderful year. Miss you, Friend!

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