My Heart Is An Open Window

10 Sep

My hands are ready to create something new
My soul is open to all that is true
Come in however You wish please do

Thousands of miles across the world
New colors paint streaks in my head
Red, green, and gold overcome cobwebs
This goes against all I have been told
This story of beauty and joy is possible

I am aching for a new way to say
How this flower is blooming again
I am longing for a new script to this play
And believing all the world is a stage

Come to me truth, run into my arms
Embrace me and whisper the secrets of old
I don’t have the answers anymore

Windows flung wide open I hear streets below
Calling out for justice and peace
Beckoning my pen to come alive with stories dying to be told

My eyes are ready for a new scene
My heart is thirsty for grace found in You
Come in however You wish please do

Distant lands the beautiful
Faces pass I see one, finally one
”Wherever you are, be all there”
I have searched my whole life, now I am done

Welcome contentment this is your home
Now I am happy
Now I am loved
Now I know I am never alone

New scents ride on the wind and I breathe them in
I allow them to imprint tracks on my memory
Here will be forever a part of me

My hands are ready to create something new
My soul is open to all that is true
Come in however you wish please do

Morning’s here again and I throw back the
curtains and let the light shine in
Laughter visited me last night in between awake
and a dream

I have never felt a joy so real
And it’s all because I know You
Only you can create something so new

My eyes have found new scenery
My heart has found grace in you
You have come in and stirred up my world
Shook me through and through

*This poem can be found in my book All Things are Becoming New.

One Response to “My Heart Is An Open Window”

  1. Becca September 10, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    This is a favorite. 🙂 Beautiful freedom.

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