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Help “All Things Become New” For My Niece Sierra

28 Nov

Sierra Luby

This darling girl is my *almost* two-year-old niece, Sierra.

She is one of twin girls, born to my brother and sister-in-law Davis and Mindy.

The (Other) Lubys- Mindy & Davis, AJ, Julia & Sierra

Sierra is special, and though I’ve only had the privilege of meeting her once, she holds and special place in my heart.

Sierra, like my younger brother Robert, was born with Down Syndrome.

And like Robert, she was diagnosed with Leukemia before she turned two.

One of the Best Guys I know

Thankfully, my brother is a perfect picture of health, happiness and just plain awesomeness! He turned 22 a few months ago.

My family is praying and believing the same thing for Sierra.

What Sierra Thinks of Hospital Food.

Sierra started treatment about a month ago and will be in the hospital for the next seven months. Family and friends out in Northern California where the Lubys live, are looking for ways to raise money to help meet the hospital bills that will soon pile up.

So from today on, if you buy my self-published book, a 75 page collection of poetry, All Things Are Becoming New, all proceeds will go to the Luby family to help with Sierra’s medical bills.

It’s only $7 and available through create space by clicking the link above. 50% of that money goes straight to the print-on-demand company to actually make the book, and 50% will go to Sierra.

If you already have my book or hate poetry or just want to give more, you can do so directly through paypal by clicking here. 

Thank you so much, and thank you for all your prayers.

Here is an excerpt Mindy wrote from her Caring Bridge Journal recently.

All Smiles

Sierra makes such an impression on people… even after they leave pediatrics and head off to some other department, they  are still keeping up on her status in the hospital medical record computer.  Their reaction to seeing her is hilarious (for lack of a better word).  After they have read about what’s going on and how her blood counts look they expect to come see poor sick little Sierra laying in her crib looking pitiful… instead they are greeted by a smiling, waving, up and walking around, trying to escape the room, Sierra.  Thank goodness everybody has fallen in love with her… with my regularly-scheduled melt downs and freak-outs I’m certain we would have been kicked out of here by now if it wasn’t for her.  She even melts the hearts of the other kids… there’s a little boy (he’s 3 years old) and I see him all the time when I go out into the hallway.  He’s not in isolation like Sierra, so he goes outside of his room and walks the hallways… I always wave and smile and say hi to him… he stares at me and never cracks even the smallest of smiles.  Today he and his dad were walking past our room, he looked in and saw Sierra waving at him and he smiled and waved and stood there and watched Sierra for the longest time.  I wish she could go visit with the other kids, I just know she would make them feel better. 

Click on the link below and for the twin ultimate cuteness! (You have the watch the whole thing, it’s so worth it when they start to laugh)


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