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Your New Eyes

3 Apr

It’s about time for a new life to see

the world anew

to see through that life

precious and in awe


you see, I’m afraid I have gotten old

not in body but in soul

the beauty which used to make me gasp

hardly makes me turn my head


you see, I’m afraid I have grown accustomed to

soft nights

wind warm and fragrant

changing colors and lines in the sky

it feels too ordinary

I hardly open my eyes


I make things mundane in my head

and forget miracles moments after they happen

I know a life with no magic

is hardly worth another day


I need your new eyes to see

I need your tiny hands open to all the world

every thing will once again be new

I know what you will bring

and I in the whole world will be better for it



Inside’s Gold

5 Dec

from inside’s gold I can see

the light shining around me

peaceful and true

I don’t want to know if I ever

have to return

to where the sky fell apart

and the lines on the ground

wove into a spinning pattern

I am happy here

yet I won’t forget

the warmth inside stability’s arms

or the howling suggestion that

brighter days are coming

from inside’s gold I hear

a tiny echo of reassurance

that when my times comes

I’ll be swept away

in a bright madness

of everything beginning

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