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Your New Eyes

3 Apr

It’s about time for a new life to see

the world anew

to see through that life

precious and in awe


you see, I’m afraid I have gotten old

not in body but in soul

the beauty which used to make me gasp

hardly makes me turn my head


you see, I’m afraid I have grown accustomed to

soft nights

wind warm and fragrant

changing colors and lines in the sky

it feels too ordinary

I hardly open my eyes


I make things mundane in my head

and forget miracles moments after they happen

I know a life with no magic

is hardly worth another day


I need your new eyes to see

I need your tiny hands open to all the world

every thing will once again be new

I know what you will bring

and I in the whole world will be better for it



Ten Senses

19 Sep

I’ve been given a new set of senses
whether I use them or not is up to me

a willow tree’s skirt sways in the breeze
beyond where I sit, toes brushing a green carpet

could this be the longing we’ve all been
slowly dying over?

to see all that we have,

this abundant world
a kingdom in our backyard
royalty behind each face

possibilities of pure magic in dull tired traces
of endless tilling and toiling
planting with no show of growth

could this be the sign we’ve all been
constructing from gutted homes to see?

a chaotic cacophony of sound
and color bleeds together
where light and shadows meet

aging paths etched from the corner of eyes
blazing with glory and grace

could this be the daunting desire
that overcomes and suffocates?

until you realize new lungs have been implanted
flowering out songs from each breath

a dazzling finish to seventy years lived
with ten senses

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